"Ethan Bach's memoir of his psychotic illness is profoundly important... His detailed, starkly honest account of five psychotic episodes and the other mental and physical challenges that provide the context for them conveys more powerfully than a long shelf of textbooks what psychosis is."

-Ian Gold, PhD, Author of "Suspicious Minds: How Culture Shapes Madness"


"The author so graciously invites his readers to ride shotgun along with him on his very personal, humbling, twisted, exciting, hilarious, treacherous, terrifying, and triumphant journey as he claws his way out of the depths of insanity to conquer his darkest demons. His brilliant sense of humor had me laughing out loud."

—Karrie Brown, script consultant / film reviewer

"This book should be required reading for psychology, psychiatry and mental health professionals worldwide and those who wish to learn more about The Truman Show delusion."

-Melanie Smith Brunell

"Being Ethan Bach is like living on the set of a feature film. Everything, to him, is real. He is both actor and director as the pages of the script turn themselves in real time... No stand-in doubles. Nothing is fake."

-Rick Thomas, Author of Peeper People